I did a podcast recently with Dr Adam Gower who runs a real estate syndicate in the US that specialises in raising capital for real estate developers, via online crowdfunding. Just another way technology is creating efficiencies that will ultimately end up in land value.

I did enjoy the interview.

It still amazes me though, that the simple premise of 14 years up in US land values followed by 4 years of recovery is hidden from view. But it’s so easy to find – when you look back in history.

Here’s what we discussed during the podcast:

  1. How Real Estate Cycles Intertwine with Banking and Economic Cycles
  2. How to Assess the Risks of Cannabis Real Estate So You Can Reap the Rewards
  3. How the Stock Market and Real Estate Cycle Patterns Differ
  4. What History Teaches Us about the Future of Real Estate
  5. How Big Events Always Trigger Changes in the Economy and Real Estate Cycle
  6. The Implications of the U.S. President Being a Real Estate Developer
  7. Why Opportunities in Real Estate Are Either Opportunities or Chaos

Click here to watch the podcast.

Best wishes

and your Property Share Market Economics team.