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  • Fred Harrison Daily Mail Interview
    The Daily Mail interviews Fred Harrison on how many incorrectly predicted that house prices will fall amidst the pandemic, while Fred predicted otherwise.
  • What the end of the world looks like
    Here is an example of what you were told to do after the last ‘crash’ and economic slowdown. Fear sells. And how wrong it was. You can find out more above.
    We are all still here and the best economics to know remains what your writers at PSE always instruct: study the land market.
  • Akhil and Phil’s precient call that the next boom had already begun.
    Read Akhil’s highly prescient June 2014 cover story for the UK’s largest financial magazine, MoneyWeek. In 2014, everyone was STILL gloomy. Looking backwards. Akhil suggested to readers that the next boom had already begun. Akhil was exactly right. You can read that HERE.