Economics can be confusing.

And, according to Dr John Tippett, economics is in disrepute. You see, economics is now all about mathematics rather than people and Mother Earth.

Dr. Tippett is the author of A Philosopher’s Take on Economics, and he’s one of the educators at Property Sharemarket Economics (PSE).

Just recently Dr. Tippett and I met up on Zoom and chatted about the role of land and economics and the 18.6 year cycle.

To invest with the cycle takes some understanding of how land is treated. It is fair to say that if you understand the land question many other questions, in relation to the cycle, will also be answered.

Click HERE for Part I of the first session.

This is where Dr. Tippett and I discuss the “dark mischief of economics”, and how this ensures the repeating nature of the 18.6 year cycle.

For those of you keen to watch Part II, it’s available for PSE subscribers only.

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Cathryn Stacey
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