Perception: ‘a belief or opinion, often held by many people and based on how things seem’

Above is one dictionary’s definition of the word….perception.

Many an economic commentator today is feeding the narrative that the economy is on the verge of collapse.

Social media and the media on the TV and print continue to report ever worse news about the COVID virus here and Worldwide.

And it’s a ruthless bloodsport – the competition for your attention is fierce.

Nobody it seems could be blamed for believing that the World has seemingly never ever been as bad as it is right now..

What should you do about all this?

What if we could change the narrative being used? The definition of madness is, after all, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Perception: ‘Someone’s ability to notice and understand things that are not obvious to others…’

In his exclusive new e-Book, ‘Where Are We And What The Hell Just Happened?’ Phil Anderson talks you through history’s take on current events.

• Why they’ve repeated before,
• How they’ve repeated before,
• What it all means, and
• How society has successfully rebounded from panics like this and where we are heading next.

You simply won’t get this in the mainstream media.

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Here is what you can do about it. Prepare yourself and your family for the opportunities present now…into the big years approaching 2026 and beyond.

If you thought 2020 was big…

It’s all about perception. And being prepared.

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