WD GANN, Timing & Stock Market

Most people tend to either specialise in either the stock market, or real estate, but rarely both. A knowledge of both is handy however, as we all recently found out after 2007.

Roughly every 18 to 20 years the stock market takes a serious dive. This is caused by the deflating of real estate prices (the major link is through the banks); as regular as clock work, every second decade. Once property prices have collapsed, it is the stock market that then tells us how successfully each economy is progressing out of the mess.

W.D.Gann was the original market timing technician.

It is said that Gann had a number of secret methods of trading that brought him great profits. In reality, these are not really so secret, but do take time to study and to master. And it is profitable. Watch out for future course dates to learn these secrets and discover how you can apply this knowledge to your own trading or investment strategy.