What Our Subscribers Say

I am nearly a mill up in PLS alone and $300k up in my super just quietly. I must say that it’s due to the confidence to lay down enough capital at the right time. So a big thank you to you all at PSE.
Luke – October 2021

Reading this book (The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking) is like cheating the market. The advantage you have once you read it is astounding. I am sure glad to have read it this early in my career
Jeff – September 2021

Just wanted to say great write up as usual. I look forward to these bulletins every month and they never fail to astonish me.
Really looking forward to the next edition and the GANN investing/trading methods.
Avni – September 2021

How some of PSE Members feel about Phil’s latest August 2021 GANN email updates:

“Awesome update Phil! More like this, please! It feels great for the mind and soul. Thank you.” -Jason

“Geewiz Phil, thanks as always, I’m greatly appreciative to receive these emails. Nothing short of glorious!”. -Eric

“Have been impressed with what you guys have been doing since I first heard Phil at a CRBE conference in Melb on the cusp of Covid starting last year”. -Michael

“Hello property share market. Just wanted to say I think your literature is spot on and I’m excited to absorb everything you have to offer.” -Carl

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Reading this book (The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking) is like cheating the market. The advantage you have once you read it is astounding. I am sure glad to have read it this early in my career
Jeff – September 2021

Just wanted to say great write up as usual. I look forward to these bulletins every month and they never fail to astonish me.
Really looking forward to the next edition and the GANN investing/trading methods.
Avni – September 2021

I was just reading the boom bust bulletin from November and I can totally relate to how this path is the road less travelled. This is the definition of going against the grain as you cannot profit from Mr. Market unless you’re doing what the masses aren’t, at least to some extent. I don’t know about you or your group but I have realized going against the masses is in my DNA. I don’t think I can help it. I have tried to “fit in” but it’s awkward and painful. I think this is the DNA of most great investors and is something innate that is nurtured, not something that is totally developed. My analogy would be that of Lebron James; the man obviously works his tail off but most people could work their butts off every day and still not jump half of what he can or run half as fast as he can. The raw talent was there and he just properly brought it out. Regardless, I love your work and find it incredibly interesting and relatable. I also wanted to say I appreciate the fact you’re trying to make a community out of this organization. It’s great and I want to be a part of it!
Jeffrey – August 2021

That was one hell of a webinar last night. You and Akhil did in one hour what it would take 1 month for someone else to convey.
Great work. I will definitely be joining the PSE membership.
Steve H – July 2021

Hola Darren (Wilson)! I’m a Venezuelan living in US. I just recently started to read your bulletin and some of the books you have recommended, like Phil’s e.i.
And I as you could predict, it’s been mind-bending, first, because I know little to none about US history, nor financial/real estate cycles.
I found Perry Marshall, because I’m into marketing which brought me to Akhil and PSE, I got hooked right away, and wanted to learn more, that’s how I became a subscriber.
Let me tell you, I’m mesmerized by your content and eager to learn more about the cycle and how can I profit from it in the next years.
I want to thank you and the entire team for providing this info, and I’m looking forward to keeping the learning process from y’all…
Seize the day!
Daniel – July 2021

(Akhil Patel) Awesome economist and a super nice guy…his commentary and advice is invaluable in my investment decisions.
Silvio – June 2021

I am thoroughly enjoying your part 1 and 2, both of the gold and also the 2021 road map.
I have been a subscriber I think now coming on 3 years, and I don’t pretend to know everything and your reports are reinforcing what I have read previously and also a very good refresher to go back to the original docs and apply what you are talking about in your reports. Well done and I’m really enjoying them and getting a lot out of them.
Sharon – May 2021

Yes I have the book thank you and I have read it many times. It lives under my clock beside the bedside table. Fact!
I adore Phil’s work…
Amber – April 2021

Thank you for changing the direction of mine and my families lives. You have permananent subscribers from me and mine, and friends from Ontario Canada for life as well!
You are bringing people out of ignorance and danger of the banking/land cycle, what a service to humanity!
Thank you for everything so far, and I am excited to ride with you all into the future!
Josh – March 2021

Just like to say that this was an incredible read!
Thank you 10-fold for the very educational piece.
Curt – March 2021

If you’re into trading on the stock market or into property investing you have to follow Phil Anderson…this man is a freak and his forecasts are amazingly accurate….thanks Phil.
Silvio – February 2021

I am saying thanks to you, and to all.
Your Service has pivot changed my life, and hence my family and theirs, not positive temporarily, permanently – in some many pathways, and continues to do so.
Michael – January 2021

You are the best of the best. You speak truth in a nutshell of knowledge for the ages.
Vanessa – December 2020

I’ve been with Phil for 3 years now.
He says he doesn’t have a crystal ball but he is very humble – he does.
Best economics book I’ve ever read.
I’ve noticed Phil is the only guy that can get the timing right, everyone else
“Knows everything” but does not understand the vested interest of the economic rent and gets the timing wrong and Phil’s cycle leads ALL cycles. Getting the timing right sorts the men from the boys. Jan 2020 – Phil’s says get into cash (he printed this in 2019 FYI) I did ✅
Bought the dip knowing it was a mid cycle slow down only. ✅Didn’t sell property knowing it wouldn’t be affected✅. Poised for the next insane leg to 2026. Thanks Martin and thanks to my man Phil.
Daniel – December 2020 (via YouTube)

I think the learnings and insights that PSE and you provide are breathtaking. Phil’s service really can make a difference once you understand his manner and messaging, which I really enjoy. It was great to see him head out on his own, his expertise and gathered team were wasted elsewhere, so I will maintain the subscription and continue to look forward to the posts.
Len – November 2020.

As a testament to your service, I pulled my SMSF out of the market over 2019 and waited for the drop that you said would come and got back in within a week of the march 23rd low. Where not only did I not lose a cent in the drop, I ended up around 30% on my portfolio before I pulled the majority out last week.
Bart – September 2020

My wife and I attended your event in London last year and it was great to meet you both. I run a recruitment business.
Thanks to your advice at the London event I resisted the urge to grow my headcount and saved cash. We have had a bad time through this period but are in pretty good shape overall and have not furloughed or laid anyone off.
Thanks again for your brilliant work and advice. Literally saved my ass.
Damien – August 2020

Based on your 2020 forecast I used whatever cash I could scrimp together to short the market briefly (and profitably) earlier this year, then when the big plunge came, I switched and bought long. Now I’m saving to buy anymore strong dips in the market over the next 18 months. So thank-you Phil. Your guidance has already proven profitable and given me huge insight to navigate and plan for the next 6 years ahead.
Tina – August 2020

Thanks Phil, I always appreciate that you DO keep a close eye on the non-obvious, over promoted stuff and some of what is considered “OUT THERE” that’s why I asked for your opinion. Thanks also especially for getting back to me so quickly and clearly. Everything that is happening, even in my area in Nambour QLD, points to your clock and the “quickening” toward 2026 and I am investing appropriately. I have read and followed your advice since 2006 and I sold in real estate in 2007 for a tidy profit and you helped me miss the crash of 2008. It’s coming round again and I try to point out to some others and they just don’t want to listen. 6 years to get it right. Thanks again you are an Aussie treasure.
Adrian – August 2020

I know you already know it but far out, this stuff is absolutely magnificent. I’m so pleased to be receiving your emails and education. I’m not sure how to share my joy with you other than to simply get in touch and thank you again !!! You are most certainly a beacon of wisdom and truth. I’m excited to delve into the concept of time via Gann.
My deepest appreciation and best regards.
Eric – July 2020

By way of feedback I attended in Melbourne on 28 February and have recently redone all the sessions from the recordings sent in April a couple of times… and will likely do so again. I realise now what an enormous amount of information was presented that day – and am heartened that it was said in the email it may need up to 3 further viewings!
You all did a great job presenting and explaining the topics, and with the extra viewings I now have a much better understanding of the cycles and the education you are providing. After a few unsuccessful attempts