Philosophers take on Economics


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Philosophers take on Economics – Author, John Tippett

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Science explains and understands the world of matter, philosophy explains and understands the world of spirit. Economics is the meeting place of these two worlds. Whilst the immediate concern of economics is policy in the “world Matter”, the key participant in economic life is the human being, whose ultimate purpose of participation is to do with the “world of spirit”. Hence economics meets these two realms, stands at their interface.

Its task is to ensure the rule of justice. Life is meant for the well-being of all who are born onto this earth. Everyone wants to be happy, everyone seeks fulfilment in life, everyone prefers abundance. People naturally desire prosperity, though a common failing of the human being is to be greedy. Economics is the knowledge to support and encourage the desire for prosperity and at the same time manage the failing of being greedy. Economics is to provide for the practical possibility of every individual fully developing his or her potential as an intelligent, creative, happy being. It is to institute and protect the reign of economic freedom.

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