Looking to the future.

Phil wants to spend the rest of his 30 years or so left to do two other things.

One, research markets further — in particular, the ‘time’ element — and actively trade them more than he has had the chance to do.
And two, develop further the concept of how to unwind the current political system and replace it with part-time, unpaid politicians in a much more slimmed down system of government.

It would be pretty easy to do.

You do it of course by abolishing all earned income taxes save those upon the unearned income of land values.

In other words, ‘taking the Rent, the whole Rent and nothing but the Rent’, for public revenue in lieu of all other taxes collected via the wage earner.

It’s time more people heard far more about it.

I mean, look around you. Is there currently one government on the planet that is even remotely not corrupt and actually doing anything positive for the world?

Has there ever been one?

My team and I will continue to speak about this subject in much greater detail.

Just wanted to say a big thx for these articles and weblinks. The paid subscription to your website is peanuts in relation to the wealth of information on this website. The information you provide empowers an investor with an enlightened advantage in every facet of his/her investment plan,which can only bring untold financial rewards and superior decision making.
Sean – July 2013, Malaysia

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